Feb 232012
hollywood ticks

Hollywood Tick Removal

Price Termite & Pest offers exterminator services to assist with Hollywood ticks. Ticks are tiny arachnids and are external parasites. Ticks feed on birds, reptiles & amphibians. Ticks carry many diseases including Lyme disease, Q fever, and more. Tick eggs may become infected at birth causing an immediate ability to contaminate their host which can be bad news if you’re the host.

The fact is that tick bites are generally pain-free, meaning Hollywood ticks can be difficult to detect. You won’t always be able to feel or be aware of when the tick is crawling or feeding on you. Most people will not develop symptoms from a tick bite, but this does not imply that they’re not spreading disease.

If you are suffering from ticks call our Hollywood tick exterminators immediately. We can treat your tick issues now! Contact our Hollywood tick control experts at (954) 357-2799 to learn about your tick treatment options.

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