Feb 242012
hollywood fly

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Having a fly problem can ruin your day. Our team of professionals provide treatment solutions that can kill these annoying flies. Did you know that a garbage can, if left unemptied for an extended amount of time, can become the breeding ground for more than 25,000 flies?

Hollywood flies seem to be more common during warmer weather and it only takes as little as two weeks for a fly to produce an entire family of Hollywood flies.

Cons of Fly Infestations

While the downsides to having a fly issue may seem pretty obvious, there are other factors to consider. You could be exposed to diseases from the flies, like salmonella, E. coli, and rotavirus among others. In addition, some flies bite and will leave you with painful, itchy and possibly infected bumps. Something many people don’t think about – the loss of money from having to throw out drinks or food items contaminated by the flies in your property. If you run a business, having a bunch of flies can be very detrimental to your brand and reputation. Customers will see this is an unsanitary concern.

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We know just how to help you eradicate the annoying flies in your property. Sometimes we utilize a combination of treatment methods in order to deliver complete relief.  If you have fly issues and reside in the Hollywood, Florida region call (954) 357-2799 today. Our fly exterminators can help!

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