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Cockroaches are one of the hassles that you could have to put up with when living in Hollywood. Don’t blame yourself if you find cockroaches. Often times there’s nothing you could have done to prevent them from entering your home. We’ve definitely noticed a dramatic increase in the number of clean homes having cockroach problems. This usually happens if you live in a condo or apartment and a neighbor, who has cockroaches, moves out.

It appears that the amount of Hollywood cockroaches are increasing with the surging number foreclosed homes. Cockroaches that reside in these foreclosed homes will eventually run out of food. This will lead them to come look for food in your apartment or house.

Luckily, our Hollywood cockroach removal experts are trained to remove those annoying cockroaches, as well as help to prevent any future cockroach invasions.

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Cockroaches in Hollywood, FL

Cockroaches can survive in conditions that most other pests can’t because they’re extremely adaptable. This is the reason cockroaches are often difficult to detect and get out of your house.

Hollywood cockroaches are not just nauseating, they are also threatening to you and your property. Roaches tend to be carriers of microbio, which has the ability to be transferred to humans. Roaches often trigger diarrhea and food poisoning in individuals by contaminating your food, dishes and surface areas.

Preventing Hollywood Cockroaches

Almost any opening or crack in your residence may be a location where by roaches will enter. In order to keep the Hollywood cockroaches from finding their way into your home, you must plug up any openings around baseboards, pipes, and windows. It’s also wise to remove any extra scrap paper or cardboard around your home, as well as your garage area, basement and attic. Storing food in sealed containers can be another important preventative step to take.

Cockroach Removal in Hollywood, Florida

If you are determined to attempt to eliminate a roach problem by yourself you are going to commit lots of time, money, and be unsatisfied with the actual result. The chemical substance we use to get rid of Hollywood cockroaches is more effective compared to what you’ll be able to buy from a store.

There was one customer who mentioned she had paid more than $500 on do-it-yourself cockroach solutions and this woman still had Hollywood cockroaches in her home! Each of our Hollywood cockroach services are guaranteed to get rid of your problem and they’re cost-effective. If you suffer through your cockroach problem for just one additional day, that’s one day too many! Call (954) 357-2799 today and we’ll supply you with a free estimate and schedule your appointment.

Feb 242012

You may already know this, but mosquitoes have killed more humans than any animal on the planet. If you combine this with the fact that the types of mosquitoes found in Hollywood are becoming acclimated to breeding in urban areas, then you can see why we’re worried. Our Hollywood mosquito exterminators are here to help.

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Even though pest professionals can have a significant impact on the number of mosquitoes in a specific area, it is not possible to provide complete removal of mosquitoes. We make it our goal to decrease the mosquitoes in your area by 70%. We realize that our customers would like to get rid of their mosquito problems completely, but that’s just not something that a pest control company can do.

Once you decide to call one of our Hollywood exterminators we’ll come out to inspect the area. During the inspection we will work to identify the type of mosquito and breeding area. Our Hollywood mosquito control professionals will work to control the mosquito population at both the adult and larva stage. If you’ve been bitten by mosquitoes then you need to call our Hollywood mosquito control professionals at (954) 357-2799 immediately.

Feb 242012
hollywood fly

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Having a fly problem can ruin your day. Our team of professionals provide treatment solutions that can kill these annoying flies. Did you know that a garbage can, if left unemptied for an extended amount of time, can become the breeding ground for more than 25,000 flies?

Hollywood flies seem to be more common during warmer weather and it only takes as little as two weeks for a fly to produce an entire family of Hollywood flies.

Cons of Fly Infestations

While the downsides to having a fly issue may seem pretty obvious, there are other factors to consider. You could be exposed to diseases from the flies, like salmonella, E. coli, and rotavirus among others. In addition, some flies bite and will leave you with painful, itchy and possibly infected bumps. Something many people don’t think about – the loss of money from having to throw out drinks or food items contaminated by the flies in your property. If you run a business, having a bunch of flies can be very detrimental to your brand and reputation. Customers will see this is an unsanitary concern.

Phone Our Hollywood Fly Exterminators

We know just how to help you eradicate the annoying flies in your property. Sometimes we utilize a combination of treatment methods in order to deliver complete relief.  If you have fly issues and reside in the Hollywood, Florida region call (954) 357-2799 today. Our fly exterminators can help!

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